Unicorns. Of all the magical creatures throughout history, there's something about unicorns that just keeps them coming back, over and over. If you hadn't noticed, they're kind of a thing at the moment. From pool inflatables to bags, hoodies to jewellery, headgear to unicorn cake toppers and more, they're everywhere! Cute, cuddly, realistic, artistic, or just downright weird, there are a million kinds of the single horned beast around, but why?

It's not the first time Unicorns have been popular either. In Bristol in the sixteenth century, for instance, they included two in their city crest, but the mystery starts long before that. In the myths and legends of many countries, single horned horses or donkeys are mystical creatures. That they have been reported to exist regularly down the years, combined with the fact that represent innocence, the divine and the power that nurtures all living things means that people have never been able to forget them - they're just too intriguing! 

Fast forward to today and they're everywhere, but it's hard to pinpoint a main reason they are so popular. The internet and social media are certainly the background for this success, and the ability to share pictures, videos and products between so many, so quickly. There are, however, a few notable examples of unicorns in popular culture recently that we think has led to this unicorn-mania:

- Around 2006 a food blogger in the US started producing toast with unicorn silhouettes on them, and as people hadn't seen it before, plus she had a good social following, it went viral.

- Nicky Minaj used a unicorn inflatable in her 2017 single 'Make Love', which was a big hit, the video alone with over 5 millions views in the first few weeks.

- More recently, the hit Pixar films Despicable Me featured a very cute animated unicorn named 'Fluffy'. these film were an unexpected hit, and surely helped cement the trend.

These fairly major marketing events for brand unicorn helped push the trend, and along with lots of others started something worldwide. Trend expert Daniel Levine said that "when there's an established cultural interest in something that matches up with the current zeitgeist, celebrities publicise it, and the fad is visually interesting enough to take off on social media." So there you have it, a probable reason for why so many unicorn products exist today. Talking of which, here are some of our favourites!

- Unicorn Poop Scarf

- Inflatable Unicorn Horn...for your cat

- Unicorn Travel Pillow

- Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

- Unicorn Hoopla

- Crying Unicorn Candle

- Handicorn

- Unicorn Shower Cap

- Unicorn Speaker

- Rather Good Colouring Book

A part of this new mythology that we particularly like is that what..comes out of unicorns, to put it delicately, is also somewhat magical. For instance, as you can see from the products below, they fart rainbows, snot glitter, cry gin and puke soy candles! See below:

unicorn farts.jpg
unicorn poop candy.jpg
unicorn tears gin.jpg
unicorn puke candle.jpg

So, now you know all about unicorns and the multitude of products surrounding them, silly and otherwise. Make sure you check out our very own unicorn product, the cake topper, if you want to decorate your cake as a magical horned animal, and remember...

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